The Main South College Success Program (MSCSP) is an initiative to provide Worcester’s Main South Promise Neighborhood (MSPN) students with all of the support each needs to qualify for and succeed in college, and to document and learn from the process. More specifically, the MSCSP aims to nurture students’ college aspiration and support their academic readiness, navigation of the college application process, college transition, and college success, with an introductory program in elementary school and a concentrated effort beginning in middle school. The documentation effort will focus on student progress through postsecondary matriculation and completion, with the long-term goal of acquiring student feedback on the college experience.

MSCSP principles and theory of action:

There are several core principles in the MSCSP theory of action:

Cohort-based: The MSCSP aims to support groups of students over a period of up to 6-8 years, beginning in middle school and extending into college.

Developmental approach: The MSCSP will also take a developmental approach, with the goal of providing the amount and kind of support students need at different junctures in their development beginning as early as elementary school.

Mentoring: Our goal will be to provide consistent, informed out-of-school adult mentoring to complement in-school support.

Inside-out, outside-in, and place-based strategy: The MSCSP aims to coordinate appropriate academic and personal support for students both in-school and out-of-school (coordinated inside-out and outside-in approach). But we will also work on a neighborhood (place-based) basis.

The multidimensional nature of college readiness: Even as there has been increasing emphasis over the past several years on the importance of college as a goal for all students, there is greater understanding that college readiness and success, in particular for first-generation college-goers, is a multidimensional question and process. We will pay particular attention personal and social as well as academic dimensions of college readiness.

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